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SMSgrupp is a free service that makes many-to-many communication possible through regular SMS text messages and solves the need for quick and easy communication between several people.

The group gets its own number and all group messages are sent to all participants. With SMSgrupp, text messages become an efficient tool for planning, coordinating or chatting.

Messages to the entire group are sent at the operator's regular SMS cost, reaching everyone in the group at the same time at the price of a single SMS. Anyone is now able to partake in easy, immediate group communication, you don't need internet access or a smartphone to join or create a group.

About the company

When 24h Business Camp was arranged in the fall of 2009, SMSgrupp was still just an idea. A simple but groundbreaking thought: Why not use SMS text messages, a technology that almost everyone has access to and that you always bring with you, for many-to-many communication and cover people's need for being able to communicate in groups?

Twenty-four hours later the first prototype was already up and running and today the service is integrated with mobile operators all around the world (inclusive all the swedish operators).

SMSgrupp elevates text messaging to a completely new level and turns it into a modern, viral, social media platform. A technology that was once suitable only for private communication between two people can now be used to chat, plan and coordinate in groups ranging anywhere between 2 to 25 members.

In the current market where the noise of social media is as intense as ever, SMS text messages cut through in a completely different way than competing platforms. A text message instantly commands attention when it is received and SMS is a reliable and effective way of reaching people.

SMSgroup is operated by SMSgrupp i Stockholm AB with its headquarters at Götgatan in Stockholm, Sweden.


SMSgrupp i Stockholm AB
Götgatan 14
118 46 Stockholm

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